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Terms of Use

Looking for great documents to read? We do not have!

Our terms of use are simple:

- We will not provide your data to anyone except under judicial request
- You're not bound by any contract. The system is Software as a Service (SaaS), so the cancellation is given when not contracting a new license
- After 45 days without hiring a new license your data will be erased. If for any reason you need this data you should contact [email protected] within 45 days.
- You will have 7 days to test the product for free. After acquiring a license it will not be possible to request any type of monetary refund.
- Acquiring a license entitles you to technical support via email ([email protected]). To hire training, consulting or in-person visits, please contact us through support email or email [email protected]
- Licenses are valid for 30 days, and the calculation is based on the number of active users. WiseWay reserves the right to change these amounts annually or if there is any situation that would lead to a readjustment.
- The system is the exclusive property of WiseWay and will not be provided under any circumstances. We are committed to keeping the software running and with regular backups.

And this is it! We like everything agile and functional!